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Dental clinic Råholt

Christiania Dental Center Romerike is a state-of-the-art dental clinic, just a stone’s throw from Eidsvoll verk station. We offer all types of dental health services and we do our best to make sure you are satisfied.

You’ll find experienced dentists, specialists and dental secretaries, but also a fantastic customer reception. In addition to ordinary dental treatments, we also offer specialist treatments

Our passion is to serve society, we want to increase quality of life and realize people’s dreams by improving their dental health. We do this by delivering high-quality, professionally updated dental treatment and outstanding service throughout the patient’s visit.

You can read more about the dental treatments we offer here!

Payment support


As a rule, you have to pay for dental treatment yourself in Norway. However, there are good regulations in place that describe rights to coverage of dental treatment and provide the basis for the benefit schemes. Financial assistance is provided either on the basis of a medical condition – in which case HELFO provides support.

Financing through SVEA

Christiania Tannlegesenter offers a financing solution in collaboration with Svea Finans that is specifically designed to help patients manage the costs associated with major dental treatments.

Braces for children and braces for adults

Wearing braces can be embarrassing for many people, especially young people and adults. In recent years, there has been a development in both techniques and orthodontic methods.

There are alternatives that make the regulation little visible or completely invisible. This is a great solution for those concerned about the aesthetic aspects of braces.

At Christiania Dental Center, we have extensive expertise in orthodontics and our specialist Luis has extensive experience with both traditional and modern orthodontic methods.

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How to find us!


Nearest station: Eidsvoll verk station

Walking distance: 190 m Walking time: 3 minutes


Nearest station: Eidsvoll verk station

Walking distance: 190 m Walking time: 3 minutes

Car – Parking lot

Nearest parking lot:

Outdoor parking at the end of the building towards Plantasjen.

Free parking