Do you have teeth that feel a little yellowish or do you want a shiny white smile?

Then teeth whitening may be for you. Teeth whitening is, when done correctly, a gentle and simple treatment that gives the teeth a whiter appearance.

We recommend home bleaching for our patients. Before you can whiten your teeth, your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and enamel. If you have cavities or gum disease, we recommend that you treat this before teeth whitening.

The bleach can penetrate the nerve and irritate it if you have holes in the tooth or loose fillings. Before performing a bleaching treatment, all plaque and tartar should also be cleaned away so that the bleaching agent has an effective effect on the tooth surface. When this is done, we are ready to make an impression of the teeth, to be able to produce specially adapted bleaching braces. At the next visit, you will receive the braces, bleach and instructions for home teeth whitening.

The effect lasts a long time if you do not overconsume food and drinks with a strong color – such as red wine, blueberries and coffee. The teeth are more sensitive and discolour more easily when you whiten. If the white color decreases after a few months, this is often due to a coating that can be easily brushed away by a dental hygienist. If you eventually experience that the teeth are discolored again, you can use the same bleaching braces as last time.

So you do not have to pay for new teeth whitening braces. We recommend that you do not whiten your teeth more often than necessary, even if home teeth whitening is a gentle treatment. Sometimes the teeth may freeze a little after teeth whitening. Then you can rinse your mouth with fluoride rinse or use toothpaste against icing. Contact your dentist or dental hygienist if you experience severe icing. Book an appointment for teeth whitening on tel. 24 10 12 70 or find the time that suits you best easily in our online booking.

Tooth whitening in Oslo

With us, you get a safe treatment through professional teeth whitening that gives a lasting and optimal result. Christiania Dental Center uses the most reputable bleach system on the market, Opalescence.

How does teeth whitening material work on your teeth?

Different types of discoloration

Discoloration of the teeth can occur in two different ways: external discoloration or internal discoloration. The external discoloration is seen on the surface of your teeth. Internal discoloration is sometimes found in microcracks inside the tooth enamel and often deep in the tooth bone or dentin, made under the enamel on the tooth.

Toothpaste with bleaching agent and mouthwash may in some cases be able to remove some of the external discolored areas on the teeth, but as a rule the dentist must brush it away mechanically in order to completely get rid of such discoloration.

Over the years, the teeth turn yellow. This is because the outer discoloration pulls into the inside of the tooth. Only strong chemical bleaches can reach these areas and have any actual effect.

Bleaching agents contain an active bleach, urea peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates the tooth enamel to reach deeper areas with discolored molecules. Oxygen molecules from the bleach react with the discolored molecules in the teeth and “break the bonds” that hold them together.

The oxygenated treated molecules disperse and a whiteness appears in the tooth. As a result, you will again experience a brighter, whiter smile.

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