Snoring and anti-snoring rail with Ortho Apnea

Do you snore or tell your partner that you snore? Do you often wake up at night and have the feeling of being suffocated or dry in the mouth?

Do you often feel tired or start your day with a headache in the Upper Airway Anatomymorning? Do you feel that your work capacity may be reduced, your memory fails or do you feel that you have difficulty concentrating?

Do you easily fall asleep in the lounge in front of the TV while reading or in the cinema? Do you have high ball pressure, diabetes, have you had heartburn or any heart problems? Do you take tablets to sleep? Are you overweight?

Sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems such as fatigue, depression, lack of concentration and memory loss, impaired sexual desire, high blood pressure, damage to blood vessels in the brain (stroke, heart attack, blood clot formation, etc.) In the long term, such disorder will reduce quality of life and In several cases, the life span of people suffering from sleep apnea.

The most important symptoms are severe and chronic snoring, respiratory arrest and fatigue (the feeling of not sleeping well).

The prevalence of snoring in people is great. Studies show that over 60% of men and 40% of women over 40 years snore. The incidence of sleep apnea in people over 40 is 6% in men and 4% in women, with an increase of up to 25% in people over 65. Anti-snoring rail can help you

Snoring rail

Snoring rail is an apparatus that attaches to the upper and lower jaw teeth, and which works by holding the lower jaw in an extended position. This prevents snoring noises In addition to the swallowing of the pharynx completely closing, causing sleep apnea

The form of treatment is today recognized and well documented as an alternative or ancillary treatment after surgical snoring or C-cardboard.

We offer Ortho Apnea snoring rails, which are among the most user-friendly and durable snoreshines on the market. The rails are specially tailored to each patient and are manufactured by our dental technicians. As mentioned, this type of snoring rail is very well documented and its effectiveness in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea has been elucidated in many scientific studies.

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