Our dental hygienist examine and treat the patient’s teeth and gums, and provide guidance in good oral hygiene and good dental health.

Common tasks for the dental hygienist are to perform dental health checks, take x-rays and examine them, as well as to examine and treat patients. In addition, they provide guidance in good oral hygiene practices and in the use of dental care products. They also apply local anesthesia, treat gum disease and perform dental cleaning. Our dentists also remove tartar and discoloration of teeth, perform whitening, brushing and polishing teeth and fillings.

If more extensive treatment is needed, the patient is referred to a dentist.

Time for a dental check-up?

Regular dental care is important to prevent dental problems, detect early signs of disease, maintain good oral health and get the necessary treatment. By taking care of your teeth, you can achieve healthy oral health and contribute to overall well-being.