Regular examination and maintenance is important to maintain optimal dental health

How often you should go for examination varies, and an individual assessment is made for each person. You, together with the therapist, agree on how often you should perform a check-up. Both a dentist and a dental hygienist can perform the dental health examination.

By conducting a thorough clinical examination and taking digital radiographs, we obtain an overview of the conditions in your mouth and possibly your treatment needs. We conclude the study with a tartar removal and toothbrush to remove coatings and discolorations.

Are you a new patient?

If you are a new patient with us, you can rest assured that we set aside extra time to get to know you – and that you get to know us. In order for us to best help you maintain or achieve good dental health, it is important for us to know what your wants and needs are.

On your first visit, we want you to fill out a health form. Dental health is closely related to general health and it is therefore important that we know whether you are using medicines or suffering from any illnesses. Certain diseases and medications allow for reimbursement of social security benefits, so it is important that we get accurate information about your health.

Time for a dental check-up?

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