At Christiania tannlegesenter in the center of Oslo, we have special expertise in the treatment of periodontitis

Specialist in Periodontics Dentist Kristian Kjellsen collaborates with general dentists and dentists at the clinic to get our patients the best possible treatment.

Treatment of periodontitis

Treatment of periodontitis is usually lifelong, ie one should regularly go for examination and “cleanse” to keep the disease at bay. Here is a brief overview of what periodontitis treatment is all about.

The goal of treating periodontitis is to both reduce the infection and create conditions in the mouth that reduce the risk of further development of the disease. The treatment is in principle three-fold:

You are responsible for keeping your mouth clean. It is the most important thing you can do to reduce the infection that these bacteria can give. We recommend toothbrushing twice daily; morning and evening. Once during the day, the teeth ‘gaps should be cleaned with bottle brushes and / or dental floss. Toothpicks are poorly suited for cleaning bacterial coating on the teeth.

Electric toothbrushes can be an alternative to manual toothbrushes. Mouthwash is only necessary if good plate control (ie, bacteria-free tooth surfaces) is not achieved by conventional methods. Chlorhexidine-containing mouthwashes (Curasept and Corsodyl) are the only ones on the market that function to any degree.

Fluorine-containing mouthwash can be used if you are bothered with icing in the teeth. Fluorine works by over time reminiscing (strengthening) gums and exposed gums. Curasept 6% contains both fluorine and chlorhexidine.

In order to keep the gums clean, it is very important that they are cleaned professionally. From 2-4 times a year, it is common to have so-called maintenance treatment performed after the active treatment period is over.

Maintenance treatment involves removing germs that have entered the gum pockets by cleaning teeth. If desired, this can be performed under anesthesia.

Increase the body’s ability to own immune system. Smoking is usually the major culprit when you have periodontitis. The only way in the long term to get control of the periodontium (toothpaste) is to stop smoking. You can talk to us or your doctor to get started on this process.

Mental stress, over time, can contribute to periodontitis. A healthy and healthy life is also the recipe for a healthy gum!

Treatment of periodontitis involves removing pathogenic bacteria in the gums pockets and in the oral cavity. There are several ways to do this; mechanical cleaning in gum pockets, tooth extraction of badly positioned teeth, operative procedures with removal of inflamed tissue, antibiotic treatment, etc.

Periodontics are done with us in collaboration with specialists in periodontics, general dentists and dental professionals with special expertise.

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