General anesthesia for dental treatment

For those of you who have a high degree of dental fear, or who for other reasons cannot have dental treatment performed in a conscious state, dental treatment under anesthesia may be something you should consider.

The advantage of anesthesia is that you do not notice anything to the dental treatment. In addition, the dentist can get a lot more work done in less time and you will finish the treatment faster.

Who can benefit from general anesthesia?

There are many groups of patients who may benefit from anesthesia during dental treatment. The most common induction is in severe dental fear (odontophobia).

Other indications:

  • In need of long-term and complicated treatments
  • If you want to sleep during dental treatment
  • In case of poor effect or allergy to normal anesthesia
  • For diseases or conditions that make regular dental treatment impossible

Support for dental treatment under general anesthesia:

If you suffer from dental fear or for other reasons have not been able to take care of your teeth, it is a good idea to get a doctor’s or psychologist’s statement on this. How long you have been bothered and what consequences it has had for you should emerge from this statement.

In cases where the dentist’s fear is grave and the doctor can certify it, you can claim part of the expenses reimbursed from HELFO (NAV). The same applies if, for example, you have a high degree of dry mouth, which in turn has resulted in poor dental health.

Price for general anesthesia treatment:

The price of the treatment varies greatly. Many people get a lot covered by HELFO, so that the deductible is normally from 4000, – to 10 000, -, depending on the degree of coverage and the number of hours the treatment should be.

We recommend that you first get in touch for a consultation and bring what you have of documentation (if you have any) on previously performed dental treatment and any statements from other health personnel (eg doctor’s statements, certificates etc), then we will be able to give you the most correct possible assessment and a cost estimate for the treatment.

For treatment under general anesthesia at Christiania tannlegesenter | MALO DENTAL in Oslo we have the following routines:

Consultation with one of our dentists or specialists. Here we talk to you about your problems and your wishes for treatment. Then arrange treatment that you want carried out under anesthesia. If there are more demanding cases, several dentists, including specialists at the clinic, will be involved in the planning. Cost form is prepared. Health form with complete social security number and a self-declaration form is filled out and we go through it with you.

Some diagnoses and conditions require extra measures and it is important that we are informed. Based on the information we obtain, the anesthesiologist will plan the anesthesia. In good time before the actual day of surgery, all eventualities have been clarified so that the conditions are right for an optimal dental treatment under anesthesia.

Before the treatment, the deductible must be paid. Many people who seek treatment under anesthesia are entitled to a large part of the treatment of HELFO. If you do not have the opportunity to pay everything yourself at once, we can apply for credit for you.

We have schemes with Cresco that allow up to NOK 75,000 in interest-free credit for up to 12 months. We can apply for you when you visit us at the first consultation.

We send the bill to HELFO directly to them. We examine any insurance or other matters in advance so that it is clarified before the treatment.

We set up an appointment that suits you. We recommend that you set aside the whole day for this. Especially if surgery is performed and you have to use painkillers afterwards, it can be good to relax for the rest of the day. Occasionally we prescribe sick leave in the following days, but it is usually not necessary.

Separate information is provided for fasting and precautions in connection with anesthesia treatment.

If you have other questions or have any questions in connection with the treatment, you can contact us on telephone 24107012 or post@[email protected]

Information for patients before general anesthesia

Full anesthesia (pain relief, sleep) is administered by the anesthesiologist and by the anesthesia nurse.

Falling asleep takes place within 2-3 minutes after you have gone to bed in the chair. You will sleep a restful dream sleep while we treat you.

Both painkillers (remifentanil) and sleeping pills (propofol) are given intravenously.

The awakening takes place gradually during approx. 15 minutes after the procedure, and you can normally leave the clinic 1-2 hours after the treatment. Nausea is uncommon after anesthesia with us, but you will feel cold with subsequent tremors (such as when you freeze).

Even if you feel completely ready shortly after the procedure, you can not drive for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

Local anesthesia is also used during the procedure. If you have major procedures performed, you will receive a prescription for painkillers that you can use after the procedure.

Fast before the treatment

  • One should not consume any solid food at least 6 hours prior to surgery.
  • One should not consume LIQUIDS the last 2 hours before the procedure.

It is important to have accurate health information and clarified health status, before anesthesia treatment. If you have chronic or serious illnesses, morbid obesity, are undergoing LAR treatment or have had complications with anesthesia before, it is important that you let us know about this in advance of the treatment.

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