All on 4 costs

All ON 4 is a more expensive procedure compared to other dental replacements such as dentures and dental bridges. ALL ON 4 is an alternative only when all the teeth are considered lost and there is no other alternative than a prosthesis. Compared to these other options, the All-on-4 gives you a whole new set of permanent teeth that look natural and serve as a perfect replacement for your own teeth.

ALL on 4 treatments usually cost a little less than other “full jaw” replacements that also use dental implants to support the new teeth. With conventional dental implants, you have to add the extra cost of bone grafts and an extra set of dentures that are used while you wait for the implants to grow into the jaw.

What kind of offer financing options are there?

Since the cost of ALL ON 4 can be a significant investment for many people, Malo Dental has its own schemes that give our patients flexible payment options. In Norway, dental treatment must in principle be paid for yourself, but in many cases HELFO can cover part of the costs. The price you have to pay for All On 4 treatment therefore varies a lot, but is usually between NOK. 65,000 and NOK. 145,000 for ALL ON 4 treatment in the lower jaw and a little higher in the upper jaw.

ALL ON 4 costs and payment options

To help our patients get the best dental treatment, we partner with a third-party financing company, Resurs Bank. They offer flexible and affordable payment options that allow you to get the dental treatment you need.

You can customize your payment schedule so that you can easily manage your payments within your own budget. We can apply for financing for you and ensure that you make informed choices during the decision-making process.

How much does it cost to maintain your teeth after treatment?

As with teeth, implant-anchored teeth must be kept clean and maintained regularly. We recommend our patients to go regularly every 3-4 months for maintenance treatment with our dental hygienist.