MALO DENTAL protocol

The treatment of the toothless has changed greatly in the last 30 years. Previously, all toothless patients were treated with full dentures. Today, this patient group is offered some form of implant retained tooth replacement.

All on 4 production – Alt on 4 produksjonMalo Dental MALO DENTAL har spesialisert seg på rehabilitering av tannløse. As part of MALO DENTAL, we are always up to date on the best available techniques. The MALO DENTAL protocol is very well documented and for the benefit of our patients.

In short, the MALO DENTAL protocol means that patients who are about to become toothless, or who are already toothless, can have their residual dental set extracted, have implants installed and have a fixed implant-retained acrylic bridge manufactured on the same day. After 4-6 months, a permanent bridge in titanium or zirconium is mounted on the implants.

The MALO DENTAL protocol is particularly good in cases where the jaw comb is strongly atrophied.

At Malo Dental, we have the necessary surgical, prosthetic and dental technical expertise needed to be able to offer a predictable and best possible treatment of our toothless patients.

With best regards

Kristian Kjellsen


Specialist in periodontics