Dental visits are associated by most people as something painful and uncomfortable

That does not have to be the case. We at Christiania Dental Center have painless dental treatment in focus and offer the measures available on the market to get the best possible experience at the dentist.

Ordinarily healthy patients no longer find the dentist particularly uncomfortable. This is due to the dentists’ expertise and the availability of aids out there to make the treatment acceptable.

Nice dentists

The dentist should perform gentle treatment, taking into account you and your needs. Some have a low pain threshold, others have a high one. That is why the dentist’s understanding of your situation is so important. Painless dentistry also means that you have a feeling of being well taken care of and understood. We at Christiania tannlegesenter aim for you to fell good with with us.


There are surface anesthetic creams that can be applied to the mucous membrane and gums in front of the sting so that the anesthetic injection is experienced as more gentle.

We have anesthetic gel that we can apply to the gums in connection with tartar cleaning and cleaning of teeth.

Common anesthesia: We have 5 different types of anesthesia, depending on the patients’ general condition and age.

The wand is a machine that injects anesthesia very gently. The wand is computer-controlled and feels the pressure resistance in the tissue the anesthetic is injected into. Thus, one does not feel the pressure that often comes in connection with traditional abrasion. In addition, the needle is slightly smaller than the regular needles used.

Sedation with general anesthesia

General anesthesia is very effective for patients who suffer from dental fear or who for other reasons cannot have dental treatment performed in the usual way. We have a separate anesthesia team of anesthesiologist and anesthesia nurse who is available for the clinic. Read more about general anesthesia treatment here.

Sedation with drugs

There is a whole range of sedatives and sedatives that can be used in connection with dental treatment. There are several indications for the use of sedation. The most common reason is treatment anxiety, a not uncommon condition especially for people who have not been to dental treatment for a while. Read more about anxiety about dentistry here.


Dental treatment is postponed by many due to fear of dental treatment. As a rule, fear and anxiety associated with dental treatment are due to previous experiences, especially in childhood. School dentists from the 80s and back had a different psychological approach than what is standard today.

For example, coercion or the use of force is not common today (!). If the fear of the dentist is very pronounced, we start with a conversation with the dentist and eventually we find out if you need another type of treatment, such as therapy with a psychologist. Many patients conclude that we first do dental treatment under anesthesia before we treat the actual dental fear.

With anesthesia we can guarantee 100% painless dental treatment. After the most important dental treatment has been completed, some dental treatment can usually be performed while awake. Gradually, we see that regular inspections and maintenance can take place without the need for special measures

There are solutions for everyone. We must work with you to find out what is best for you, both from an economic and emotional perspective.

Acute conditions that affect the dental treatment

If you have acute pain due to infection from or in a tooth, it is often unfortunately difficult to get the full effect of the anesthetic. Therefore, we also use painkillers and sedation if necessary for you to experience a painless dental treatment.

Patients with anxiety or dental fear also often have experience with anesthesia that does not work as well. We also use sedation and painkillers to improve the effect. Painless dentistry is always our goal for treatment.

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