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Christiania tannlegesenter can offer orthodontics for children and adults in our bright, modern premises in the center of Oslo. The treatment is performed by a specialist in orthodontics.

On this and our other pages you can read more about orthodontics and how it is performed.

Orthodontic consultation

When you come in for a consultation, our specialists will carry out thorough examinations using X-rays and photography.

In addition, we take an OPG (panoramic X-ray) to see the jawbone and the root position of the teeth. After the consultation, we give you an overview of the type of braces recommended for your teeth.

Marija Ristic



Braces for children

Orthodontics is about diagnosing, preventing and treating bite defects and orthodontic defects. The orthodontist treats and prevents problems with the bite so that it does not give an incorrect load in the jaw joints. Correct tooth position also means fewer cavities and gum disease. We have specialists in orthodontics in our clinic in Grønland in Oslo.


Braces for adults

It is possible to get braces at any age. More adults are now choosing to start orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth and are happy that braces are no longer only considered to be for children. At Christiania dental center in Oslo, we understand adults’ needs related to time aspects and aesthetics, and arrange the treatment accordingly.


Invisalign  – invisible braces

Invisalign is a transparent, orthodontic device that consists of a series of individually adapted plastic splints that are to be used for about 20 hours per day. In principle, you only take it out when you brush your teeth and when you eat. In addition, you usually get some small, almost invisible small attachments in tooth-colored plastic material on some selected teeth.


Incognito – on the back

Invisible braces are a more recent treatment concept. Orthodontics traditionally associated with large devices and steel wires on visible tooth surfaces in children and adolescents. With today’s techniques, it is more acceptable for adults to undergo orthodontics to improve function and aesthetics.

Time for a dental check-up?

Regular dental care is important to prevent dental problems, detect early signs of disease, maintain good oral health and get the necessary treatment. By taking care of your teeth, you can achieve healthy oral health and contribute to overall well-being.