When the child needs regulation?

Braces not only makes the tooth position prettier, but first and foremost ensures that the tooth position works optimally.

Orthodontics is about diagnosing, preventing and treating bite defects and orthodontic defects. The orthodontist treats and prevents problems with the bite so that it does not give an incorrect load in the jaw joints.

Correct tooth position also means fewer cavities and gum disease. We have specialists in orthodontics in our clinic in Greenland in Oslo.mer. Vi har spesialister i kjeveortopedi i vår klinikk på Grønland i Oslo.

Orthodontic support for children

The children’s bite development is assessed by the school dentist / dental nurse and the children are referred to a specialist from there. Referral is necessary to receive benefits from HELFO for the orthodontic examination and later expenses for an orthodontic treatment if there is a benefit-eligible bite defect and if parents / children want to start with orthodontic treatment.

National insurance will not grant social security reimbursement if there is no referral from a dentist / dental nurse. The referral is valid for 24 months from the referral date. In cases where there is a need for a new assessment of the need for treatment, there must be a new referral.

At the first consultation, it is good if the mother or father is present if the patient is under 18 years of age.

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The orthodontic consultation is performed at our clinic in central Oslo by a dentist who specializes in orthodontics. Remember to bring a written referral from a public dental clinic for a consultation.

Marija Ristic

First visit

Regulation is never set at the first visit. At this consultation, we make an examination and assess any bite defects. We usually take an overview X-ray (OPG), where you can see the jawbone and all dental state.

If there is a bite defect that is relevant to treat now and the patient / guardian wants to start, we take X-rays, photos and prints of plaster models to plan the treatment carefully. After the treatment planning, we meet with the patient to present the treatment plan and agreement.

At the first visit, a preliminary treatment plan can usually be outlined and an approximate cost estimate given, but it is only after treatment planning that a more accurate course of treatment, time it will take and price can be estimated. If it is too early in the patient’s dental development to start with braces, we will agree on a new notice date.

Time for a dental check-up?

Regular dental care is important to prevent dental problems, detect early signs of disease, maintain good oral health and get the necessary treatment. By taking care of your teeth, you can achieve healthy oral health and contribute to overall well-being.